Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ruby on Rails Getting Started


Ruby Getting Started

SQLite Getting Started


You can also use rails installer to install ruby, sqlite and rails at once.

Simple Note

Follow tutorial

But not works

Follow Installation Instructions at
to install Development Kit

Test Development Kit

Install Rails again

Still has some error, but seems rails is installed.

Follow tutorial, type "rails new blog" to create a blog and run server

Hello, Rails!

Ruby Getting Started

Simple Note

Go to and
choose latest stable version (1.9.3 for now)
check the recommanded version in download page of RoR.
I prefer the stable one.

Download it

run installer

follow tutorial to run first gem

testing process and result

Full test project at github

Friday, September 19, 2014

SQLite Getting Started

Simple Note

Go to

Go to download page

Download Precompiled Binaries for Windows
(sqlite-shell and sqlite-dll here)

Unzip them into a folder (e.g. C:\programs\sqlite)

Add the folder above into Path (the Environment variable)
or you will need to cd to that folder each time.

Open cmd

Type "sqlite3 test.db"
test.db created

now you can use SQL to access test.db

you can also execute "sqlite3" then choose database with attach command,
e.g. attach "test.db" as test