Saturday, December 14, 2013

Record JMeter Testing Script for ZK

Simple Note

Tested with JMeter 2.9 and ZK 6.5.2

* Input address and port in HTTP Request Default so they will not be recorded in request and can be changed easily if address/port are changed.

* Need to remove UserDefinedVariable (dtid: 0) before each record then add it back.

* Add parameter tdtid: ${__intSum(${dtid},1,dtid)} to the request for loading page

* Change parameter dtid to ${dtid} for each au request.

* Included pattern:
    .*/TestProjForJMeter.* (for welcome page or any other url matched by servlet, index.zul here)

* Excluded pattern:
    .*/zkau/web/.* (ignore the requests for load resources)

Record Demo

Recorded requests:

1. Page load

2. Click "click to start tast"

3. Click "increase first intbox"

4. Click "increase second intbox" (it is wrong in the demo, fixed in latest project)

5. Click "increase first intbox" again

6. Click "increase second intbox" again

7. Remove desktop


ZK Document

JMeter User Manual


Testing Project

Demo Flash

Jmeter Script
TestSimpleRecord.jmx at

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